What Kind of Heater Should I Install in My New Home?

Heating systems make it possible for a home to be warm by generating the thermal energy of a fuel source and transferring it to the living areas. Natural gas, propane, fuel oil, biofuels, solar, and electricity are the energy sources for heating systems.

The heating systems used in residential and commercial areas can be divided into several broad categories, each with more specific variations. There are HVAC systems that share components with the cooling system, work independently, and provide both heating and cooling.

Depending on the additional floor or basement, some homes have more than one heating system. Before installing the heating system in Ferron, consider the types to look out for

Types of Heating Systems


Although more modern heating systems are available on the market, furnaces remain popular in homes across the country. In cold weather, furnaces can be quite effective at heating a home.

A furnace that meets your needs will likely be available if you’re looking for a new heating system. You can buy a furnace depending on the cheapest energy source in your area, like gas, fuel, or electricity. There are certain things to consider, of course.

For instance, if you want to use a gas furnace, you’ll need a natural gas line. Despite this, many people find this an ideal heating method. For more information, contact an expert for heating installation in Ferron.

Heat Pump

Depending on the season, heat pumps can act as either heaters or air conditioners by changing the airflow direction. The advantage of saving money and space on climate control makes them highly appealing to homeowners.

Because heat pumps are put under more strain throughout the year, you’ll need to regularly schedule maintenance by skilled heat pump repair experts in Ferron.

When used at extremely low temperatures, they may also significantly decrease efficiency. You still get a convenient and efficient way to control the climate for the rest of the year. Get to know more from a heat pump repair in Ferron.

Ductless Mini-split

Heat pumps without ducts are called ductless mini-split systems. Instead of ducts, the system uses smaller air handlers for each house zone to distribute heat. So, each room in the house can be set at a different temperature.

All heat pumps can provide heating and cooling. An experienced heating repair expert in Ferron, UT, can suggest the correct type of furnace you need to install in your house after an energy audit. It is often more expensive to install a ductless mini-split system because it is not centralized.

It is beneficial for homes without ducts, as you don’t have to pay extra for them and can ask the heating repair in Ferron, UT, to install a heat pump without any hassle. It is ideal if you want better control over your home’s indoor climate and want to save money on heating.

Radiant Floor Heat

In general, systems that circulate warm water under the floor tubes are referred to as radiant floor heating. As a result, the floor becomes warmer, warming the people inside the space. It is expensive to install, highly controlling, and backed by its supporters as being effective.

Because you don’t want to “cover” your heat source, it can only be installed by a skilled heating installation specialist in Ferron. It restricts your options for carpet and other floor treatments.

Gas-fired Space Heaters

The gas-fired direct heating appliance comprises floor, free-standing, and wall-mounted furnaces with the limited heat output and no ducting. They work best for warming a single room because they lack ductwork.

If it’s required to heat multiple rooms, the doors must be left open, or another heating source is required. Regardless of the system you choose, make sure you have a qualified professional for heat pump repair in Ferron to install it for you.

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